Don't Let This Be You: Get Your Flu Vaccine

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Flu vaccines are in! We have ample supple of the flu shot and flu mist.

Students can walk in anytime during our business hours (8am-5pm Mon-Thu and 9am-5pm Fri) to receive a flu vaccine. Students also have the option to make an appointment; if they choose to do so, they can call 319-335-8394.

Shots are $30, and the FluMist is $62. We can submit to insurance and/or submit charges to U-Bill. SHIP and UIGRADCare cover the cost. If you have another insurance carrier, please check with them for coverage information.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend getting a flu vaccine annually. Flu season is not that far away, so get your vaccine today!

Check out the Health Ninjas' flu rap.