Don't Let This Be You: Get Your Flu Vaccine

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It isn't too late! Get your flu vaccine. The CDC is reporting that there are a significant number of people who are becoming ill with a strain of influenza that is "drifted" or altered, from the flu strain contained in the vaccine. This means that the flu season could be more severe than we have seen on campus for several years. Preventive measures like handwashing, covering your coughs and sneezes, staying home when you are sick, trying to keep your immune system strong with good sleep, nutrition and low stress, are going to be critically important as we head into the winter months.

Getting a flu vaccine is STILL important! Vaccination has been found to provide some cross-protection even in years like this- protection that may reduce the likelihood of serious outcomes such as hospitalization and death from influenza. We urge you to get a flu vaccine now if you have not gotten one - you can walk during our business hours and do not need an appointment. Take care of this before you leave for winter break, or do it while you are home and away from campus. Shots are $30, and the FluMist is $62. We can submit to insurance and/or submit charges to U-Bill. SHIP and UIGRADCare cover the cost. If you have another insurance carrier, please check with them for coverage information.

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