Black Vomit


Thursday night I had quite a few drinks and after bar close made it home and threw up. I realized this morning that the vomit was black and flaky in consistency. I feel fine now and my digestive system is back to normal. So I’m wondering if I should be concerned or just be more careful the next time I drink. (I am not a frequent drinker, the last time I had more than two drinks was New Year’s, and I have one drink a week at max.) Thank you for any advice/thoughts.


It is difficult to know what caused the black color and flaky consistency of the vomit. Depending on what you had eaten that night or how many drinks you had, the reason could vary. Often a black colored stool or vomit is caused by blood. Sometimes this can happen from habitual drinking due to problems with the esophagus or stomach lining. 

Given that you are feeling better and your digestive track is back to normal, it is difficult to know what the problem actually is. It might not hurt to discuss this with a healthcare provider. If you would like to make an appointment to see a provider about this issue, please contact Student Health & Wellness scheduling at 319-335-8394. 

Student Health & Wellness Staff

Written 04/04/11

Updated 05/20/13