Nosebleeds with Cold


I have a cold these days. When I wipe my nose, it starts to bleed. I want to know how to prevent my nose from bleeding frequently.


Nosebleeds can be a nuisance. Typically, nosebleeds are nothing serious and can be prevented easily. Nosebleeds most often occur when the air is dry or you have been blowing your nose a lot. Therefore, it sounds like your cold could be the trigger for your particular nosebleeds. To prevent nosebleeds, keep the area just inside your nostrils well moisturized either with lotion or Vaseline. If you already have a nosebleed, you can sit upright and lean forward. This position will discourage blood flow. Additionally, you can pinch the tip of your nose just behind the opening of your nostrils shut and breathe through your mouth for 5-10 minutes.  Keep the tip pinched for the full 5 minutes; don’t release the pressure early.  If the bleeding gets worse or lasts longer than 30 minutes, it would be best to seek medical attention.

Student Health & Wellness Staff

Source: Mayo Clinic