Condom Slip!


I recently had an "incident" during sex; the condom slipped, and although we (luckily) caught it before he finished, I assume we went at least 2-3 minutes without full protection.  I've already taken emergency contraceptive just in case, but I don't know my partner very well and am a little concerned about STIs.  Firstly, are my chances of contracting an infection decreased at all by the fact that he didn't ejaculate?  Secondly, what signs and symptoms should I be looking for?


Thank you for your question!  In regards to preventing pregnancy, you definitely took the proper precautions after you found out the condom slipped.  It would be a good idea to get tested for STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections).  Even though he didn't ejaculate, there is still risk of transmitting STIs.  Skin to skin contact alone, can transmit STIs.  Often, STIs show no symptoms.  So there is the potential that you or your partner could have an STI and not know it.  The only sure way to know if you have an STI is to get tested.  The good news is, most STIs are treatable and many are curable.

Student Health & Wellness offers STI testing.  Our providers will discuss with you the various STI tests available.  It's great that you are asking these questions and are taking steps to look further into this issue!  To schedule an appointment with a healthcare provider at Studetn Health & Wellness, please call 319-335-8394.

Student Health & Wellness Staff