Requirements & Forms

You need Adobe Acrobat to download the forms. Visit the Adobe Acrobat Reader website to get your free reader.

Please note: Some of these forms are automatically mailed to students by the Registrar's office. If you complete one of these downloadable forms and mail it to Student Health & Wellness, please be aware you may also receive the same form in the mail. Receiving the form in the mail in no way indicates a previously mailed form was not received. If you would like to ensure your form was received, you may call SHW at 319-335-8370.

Please include your name and birthdate (and/or university ID number) on ALL forms/documents mailed/faxed to Student Health & Wellness. PDF format is preferred for emailed forms.

All Students

Health Science Students

International Students

Students Under 18 Years

Health Fee & Insurance

Allergy Patient Information

Reports and Data