Nominate a Health Ninja

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As Health Ninjas, students influence friends and peers to make healthy choices. They are trained and equipped with interesting health knowledge that may be used in everyday conversations. Through these conversations, healthy practices are supported and myths are dispelled.

Health Ninjas are students who have the exciting opportunity to improve the health of friends, peers, and the greater campus community by informing them about the myths and truths about health.Click here to watch a video about the Health Ninjas.

To become a Health Ninja, students must be nominated. Health Ninjas are people who influence peers in ways that promote positive health behavior changes. During the school year, nominated students are mailed monthly resources and information to better equip Health Ninjas to talk with their peers.

How can I nominate someone to be a Health Ninja?

     Nominate your Health Ninja and we'll send them personal congratulations and an invite to become a Health Ninja! To nominate your Health Ninja, email the following to

  • Your nomination's name
  • Their UI student email address
  • 50 words or less describing why your friend deserves to be a Health Ninja