Medications required for treatment are prescribed by a physician. Student Health & Wellness has a full-service pharmacy, including many over-the-counter items right on site. Some of our over-the-counter medications include:

  • analgesics
  • antacids & GI medications
  • cough, cold, and allergy medications
  • condoms, pregnancy test kits
  • glucose test strips, lancets, & select insulins
  • various topical products
  • vitamins
  • toothpaste & sundries
  • bike helmets

The Westlawn Pharmacy can bill to U-Bill (need Student ID), file insurance, or accept cash, check, or credit cards (Master Card, VISA). Students can transfer medications from other pharmacies on-line. Students may also have prescriptions filled at a retail pharmacy of their choice.

Contact Information:

    • Phone: 319-335-9200
    • Location: 
      4189 Westlawn
      The University of Iowa
      Iowa City, IA 52242