Drugs and Alcohol

Alcohol and Other Drug Use

Do you know how much the college student drinks? How can you tell when you’ve had too much?

Student Health & Wellness provides consultations on alcohol and other drug use. Confidential consultations are available with our substance abuse counselor for any questions or issues you may be having or experiencing.

Costs: General consults are free for students enrolled in 5 or more semester hours. Consultations requiring a substance use evaluation will incur some costs, unless self-referred.

To make an appointment:

  • With our Substance Abuse Counselor (at the Westlawn location) call 319-335-8394

Additional Resources:

  • Alcohol eCHECK UP TO GO is a brief self-assessment that will provide you with accurate and detailed information about your personal risk patterns, individual level of alcohol tolerance, unique family risk factors, harm reduction strategies, and helpful resources on campus and in the community. 
  • Marijuana eCHECK UP TO GO is similar to Alcohol e-CHECK UP TO GO and can provide you with information about your marijuana use, harm reduction strategies, and local resources. 
  • Alcohol Dependence Screening

For Parents:

Read this alcohol & drug Q&A document for more information. You may also watch this video for helpful tips on communicating with your student regarding their use of alcohol: