UI Health Data

Data on UI student health behaviors, attitudes and beliefs

Student Health & Wellness has been collecting data on student health interests and behaviors for over 15 years.  We collect anonymous surveys, using a convenience sample of undergraduate academic courses.  Our data collection occurs every other year and the information we gain is used to guide program development and needs assessment efforts. We also compare the data we collect with data collected on UI student health behaviors by other researchers and have found the data trends to be replicated in other findings.

The 2011 data collection resulted in 875 completed surveys with a 98% response rate, the 2012 data collection resulted in 882 completed surveys with a 99% response rate, the 2013 data collection resulted in 930 surveys with a 99% response rate, and the 2014 data collection resulted in 671 surveys with a 99% response rate. For more information or for citation information, please contact Trisha Welter (trisha-welter@uiowa.edu).

You may view PDF documents of the data summaries. You need Acrobat to view these files and can download it free.

2006 Data Summaries

2007 Data Summaries

2008 Data Summary

2009 Data Summaries

2011 Data Summary

2012 Data Summary

2013 Data Summary

2014 Data Summary