BinGO Hawks

BinGO HAWKS is an easy, fun program to encourage taking steps to healthier eating.

Registration has closed.

How it works

  1. Print the BinGO HAWKS card.
  2. Each week, try to complete 1 or more activities from the BinGO HAWKS card and mark it off or use the Quiz tool on ICON (BinGO HAWKS) to record the activities you've completed and score them. You may track either on ICON or on a printed card (you do not have to do both).
  3. At the end of the program, complete the evaluation and register for prizes.
  4. Watch for weekly emails with helpful tips for completing the BinGO HAWKS activities!

Benefits of participating

Each person who registers for the program and completes the final evaluation will be offered a prize to support healthier intake (water bottle, salad shaker, earbuds). In addition, you will be entered into a drawing for healthy treats - one entry for each bingo you complete (blackout/completing all the activities = 15 entries). Increase your chances for winning delicious healthy treats by completing more of the activities on the BinGO HAWKS card!

In addition, you will receive weekly emails to support making healthier food choices and provide ideas to make healthier eating easier. Developing healthier eating habits can improve your physical and mental energy as well as your health.


See the FAQs or contact JoAnn Miller ( or 319-353-5966)