We want to hear from you!

We are continually trying to improve our services in order to better serve University of Iowa students. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding Student Health, please send them to us at student-health@uiowa.edu

You can also call our Administration office at 319-335-8390 to speak to an administrative staff member.  

If you have specific medical questions, please contact our Nurse Line  at 319-335-9704. 

Student Health laboratory:

Do you have a comment about the Student Health laboratory operation? Send them to us at student-health@uiowa.edu. You can also report any concerns to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Click here for more information.

Contact and location:


  • General phone: 319-335-8370
  • Appointments: 319-335-8394
  • Billing: 319-335-8376
  • Nurseline: 319-335-9704
  • Fax (Immunizations): 319-335-7247