Wednesday, January 5, 2022

With the Omicron variant predominant in the US and on our campus, it is more important than ever to get your COVID-19 booster shot. We have had high COVID-19 positivity rates in our campus community.  Receiving a booster dose of Moderna or Pfizer vaccine (regardless of which vaccine you received initially) is very important to get the BEST protection against Omicron.  We encourage all students to get boosted as soon as possible, when you are eligible. The CDC recently changed guidelines to allow for a booster dose of Pfizer to be given 5 months after the initial series.  

Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are available Monday through Friday at the Westlawn Clinic and IMU Nurse Care.  Call 319-335-8394 for an appointment at Westlawn to get vaccinated- you can just walk in to the IMU Nurse Care Clinic, no appointment is needed there.  We can start your vaccine series or administer a booster.  It is STILL not too late for a flu shot- it can be given at the same time as your booster- and we recommend that as well.   

Besides getting your COVID-19 booster (and getting vaccinated if you are not), protecting yourself involves masking in public places, social distancing, and avoiding gatherings. 

When you complete the COVID-19 vaccine series by any provider, don't forget to take your vaccine card (or other vaccine record) to the IMU Welcome Center for your $10 gift card to the Iowa City Downtown merchants. 

Read this important information from the CDC about staying up to date with your vaccines.