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COVID-19 Vaccine News

The University of Iowa has a Vaccination Distribution Workgroup that collaborates with Johnson County Public Health to provide recommendations for determining eligible populations on campus for COVID-19 vaccination. Based on their guidance, Student Health has been working on vaccinating health science students and other small subsets (Phase 1a) who do clinical patient care.  The colleges have put students in priority groups based on their level and duration of patient contact in their student role, and Student Health is working with them to get their students vaccinated.  We will progress into the subsequent phases (Phase 1b, by tiers) when we get vaccine supply to do so.  We hope to increase our ability to vaccinate more students in the coming weeks. 

When you are eligible, college administration/vaccine coordinators will be working with us, and they will communicate with you when you are able to call Student Health and schedule an appointment.  We all have to be patient, as supplies are limited, not yet consistently available in the volumes that we need to vaccinate these groups of students right away.

PLEASE NOTE: Student Health is not able to give the second COVID vaccine dose to students who got their first dose elsewhere.  You will get your second dose where you got your first one. We are not holding doses back.  Like all clinics/pharmacies, we get shipments of the second dose that are matched with the number we administer as the first dose.    

If you are a student employee who works at the UIHC or other healthcare setting in patient care, talk to your supervisor about the vaccination plans that are in place.  

If you are a student teacher (part of Phase 1b) be sure to get on your school district's vaccination list as well as awaiting word about vaccination from your college vaccine coordinator. 

In the upcoming months, we will know more about how the rest of the student population will be vaccinated- watch our website and the UI Coronavirus site for the most current information.  

Want to know more about COVID-19 Vaccines?  Check the CDC and Iowa Department of Public Health for the latest information.  

As your vaccination opportunity approaches, be sure to read this information about how to prepare before and after your vaccination.