Get Your Flu Vaccine

We have flu shots in stock. No need for an appointment--you can just walk-in to one of our locations during normal business hours:

  • SHW Westlawn Clinic
  • IMU Clinical Outreach Unit (G103 IMU)

Flu Mist is not available this year. The CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices found that no protective benefit could be measured from the product.  

We encourage you to get a flu shot as early as possible. Keep yourself and your fellow students, your family, and your community healthy!

Our charge for the flu shot is $33 this year, and we will bill your insurance. SHIP and UI Grad Care insurance cover these vaccinations, as do many other plans- check with your insurance company in advance.  We will submit directly to your insurance, or you can charge it to your U-Bill.

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