Mumps Update

Mumps cases on campus have dropped dramatically since winter break.  There are increases in mumps cases on campuses around us, however…so we don’t want to let down our guard.  It is important to recognize signs and symptoms of mumps- headache, fever, sore throat are sometimes present in the 1-2 days BEFORE jaw pain and swelling occur. Mumps is spread by contact with droplets, so good infection control practices include avoiding sharing drinks and utensils, covering your cough/using tissues, washing your hands often, and of course staying home when you are sick. You should see a healthcare provider if you are concerned you have mumps symptoms. Call our Nurseline at 335-9704 if you have questions!

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also has more general information about mumps, as well as questions and answers about the disease.

What to do if you're exposed to the mumps


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