For information on the University of Iowa’s response to COVID-19, please visit the Campus Coronavirus Updates website.

COVID-19 Testing

Testing is currently recommended for those who have COVID-19 symptoms, or if they have been told by public health that they are a close contact to a person who has tested positive for the illness. 

Although you should get tested if you have symptoms, testing is not urgent- the immediate action for symptoms (or exposure)  is to self-isolate and stay home- don't go to class or spend time around others. Order food and have it delivered. Wear your mask if you must be closer than 6 feet from others. 

During the weekdays M-F, Student Health has a test request form you can fill out and get a test scheduled. If you complete it on a weekday evening after Student Health is closed, we will process the next business day.  

Do sign up for MyChart, using your local address, zip code and UI email address.  This will allow you to schedule your own test after completing the form and to get your results. Make sure you turn on all notifications for MyChart.  

****PLEASE NOTE*****If you are interested in being evaluated for testing at the UIHC, you can schedule a MyChart video visit and get a test ordered in their clinic.  Keep in mind that UIHC will bill your insurance and you may be responsible for some charges related to the video visit and/or testing.  The link on their website explains charges, so please review. 

In order to determine patients who might be asymptomatic and COVID-positive sooner, testing will now be offered at day 3-5 AND day 10-12 after the first exposure to person who has tested positive.  The quarantine (self-isolation) time for exposure is 14 days, regardless of a negative test at any time during the 14 days.  

If you have been notified of exposure by a public health official, if you have been told you are a contact of a person who has tested positive, OR if you received a positive test result, remember to fill out the UI Self Reporting form