Having a hangover after a night of drinking is a sign you had too much. Unfortunately, the only cure for a hangover is time. There is no other way to remove the alcohol from your system.


  • Stay hydrated by alternating one glass of water in between each drink.
  • Eat before drinking.
  • Limit drinks to one per hour. (One drink = 12-oz. can of beer, or 4-oz. glass of wine, or 1-oz. hard liquor in a shot or mixed drink)

Healthy drinkers...

  • Recognize alcohol as a potent drug that can have serious effects if abused
  • Are aware of family alcohol dependency history
  • Abstain periodically from alcohol use
  • Drink for positive reasons, rather than to relieve stress, pain, or to overcome fears or problems It's important to recognize that not everyone drinks

Many people choose to abstain from using alcohol either temporarily (for a night, week, month) or permanently. Respect healthy abstainers and give them support for their decision by not pressuring them to drink.

Signs of problem drinking

  • Drinking interferes with academics, friendships, finances, or life goals.
  • You feel irritated when someone talks to you about your drinking.
  • You think frequently about drinking.
  • You experience bad consequences after drinking; e.g., arrest, blackouts, arguments with friends, anxiety over drinking behavior.

If you're worried about your own or a friend's drinking

  • Schedule an appointment at Student Wellness to meet with the Substance Use Counselor to discuss your concerns and to come up with strategies to deal with you or your friends’ drinking. To make an appointment, call 319-335-8394.