Whether you are coming to our clinic for an in-person visit, or talking with us virtually, a little preparation on your part will go a long way towards having a successful visit and establishing a health care partnership with your Student Health provider.

Here are some tasks to complete before your visit with us if possible.  It's a long list and we appreciate your time and attention to it! 

Based on the type of appointment you have, follow the steps below. Click on the links to the forms below to download and complete them.  Once you have filled them out, send them in to us through MyChart.  Follow these instructions on how to upload photos and files to your medical chart.   

We encourage the use of MyChart for many reasons- communication with your provider, getting test results, scheduling certain appointments and tests are all available in MyChart.  Having access to your medical record can make you a more active participant in your healthcare. Read more about information sharing here.  If you prefer not to use MyChart, you can email documents to student-health@uiowa.edu

New patients

Psychiatry provider- consent form and health history 

Primary care or gynecology provider - medical history form 

In-person visits

  • Please do not come to your appointment if you are ill with a temperature of 100 degrees or over, cough, shortness of breath, or if you feel sick in any way. Call our Nurseline to discuss your symptoms before leaving home
  • We ask you to wear your own cloth (or other type) face mask to protect you and others from illness.  We will provide you with a disposable mask if you don't have one
  • We will take your temperature and ask you some screening questions when you come to the clinic 
  • Come by yourself- this minimizes potential exposure to illness for all
  • Bring your student ID, your insurance card 
  • We are keeping you safe when you are in our clinic with enhanced cleaning and social distancing practices 

Telehealth (video visits) 

Read these tips to help you prepare for a good telehealth visit.

Just like the medical assistant would check your vital signs in our exam room, we would like your help in taking your own temperature (using a thermometer, if you have one) and pulse before your visit if possible. Use your phone or monitoring device, or watch this short video on how to take your pulse manually. Record both your pulse and temperature so you can report it to us. 

Insurance information

If you are a new patient, or any time your insurance changes:  complete this insurance form.   It also helps expedite check-in if you can send in a copy of the front and back of your insurance card in advance, whether it is your policy or your parents.  If you have SHIP or UI GradCare, submit your information via MyChart. You can check MyChart any time to see if we have your current insurance information.