Congratulations Graduates!

Whether you are getting ready to start your career, preparing for graduate school, or just taking some time off while you decide what your future holds, it is important to determine who will provide your healthcare after graduation.

We’re sorry to see you go, but Student Health can only provide care to enrolled students at The University of Iowa. Here are some things you may consider as you transition to a new healthcare provider:

Who do you prefer to see?

  • Physician, physician-assistant, or nurse practitioner

 What specialty best meets your needs?

  • Both Family Practice and Internal Medicine practitioners can fulfill all of an adult’s primary healthcare needs and can arrange referrals for specialized care, if needed
  • Some students also add a Gynecologist to their healthcare

 Where do I find a new provider?

  • Ask co-workers, friends, or family for recommendations
  • Your new insurance plan may provide a list of “preferred” providers
  • Online search engines can be very helpful. These are available through the American Medical Association, medical boards for each state (e.g. Iowa Board of Medicine), and specialty boards (e.g. American Academy of Family Physicians)

 Why is it important to have a regular medical provider?

  • In addition to managing diseases and curing infections, medical providers can help prevent illness and promote overall wellness.
  • It is especially important to establish care with a new provider in certain circumstances:
    • You have a chronic medical or psychiatric condition that requires routine checkups and/or medication refills
    • You require a referral to a specialist 
  • You are due for routine health maintenance examinations or screening (for example, women should have an exam with a pap smear every three years after the age of 21). You can check the latest recommendations from the US Preventive Task Force here: recommendations
  • Urgent care clinics are a great resource for minor health issues when your regular provider is not available, but it is preferable to see the provider who knows you best for your ongoing care

  When should I make my first appointment?

  • Plan ahead! It often takes weeks to months before an appointment is available for a new patient. Once you have established care, future appointments are easier to arrange.

 What about my medical records? 

  • If you do not have chronic health problems, it may not be necessary for your new provider to have your records sent directly from Student Health.
  • Several options are available to share records, if needed:
    • MyChart – If you sign up for MyChart through the Student Health or UIHC websites, you may access your medical records, including immunizations and lab results, at any time. This is the easiest option for a patient. 
    • Care Everywhere – Student Health utilizes an electronic health record called EPIC. With your permission, your new provider may be able to access your records directly, avoiding the need for a printed copy of your records. 
    • You may complete and sign a Consent to Release Information  form to request that a copy of your Student Health records be sent to your new provider. Click here for the form and instructions on how to complete it (scroll down the page, under "General Students- forms") 
    • You may complete and sign a consent form at your new provider’s office to request a copy of your Student Health records. 

If we had the privilege of assisting in your healthcare while you were a student, thank you for utilizing our services.

Our staff wishes you good health and continued success. Go Hawks!