Break Hours

We are open until 4:30pm on university breaks, including Winter Break. Continue reading...

Posted December 4, 2016

Stress Tips for Finals Week

Unfortunately, a completely stress-free finals week isn't possible. You need some stress to power your body and mind and keep you motivated. The key is managing it before it manages you! Try these tips: Continue reading...

Posted December 1, 2016

Online Scheduling

Online scheduling is now available through MyChart. If you need an appointment within the next 24 hours, please call 319-335-8394. Continue reading...

Posted October 31, 2016

Free CPR & AED Training

The Red Watch Band Program is in its eighth year at the University of Iowa. Over 4,000 students have been trained so far! The training program focuses on knowledge, skill, and confidence building regarding preventing death from alcohol overdose. Continue reading...

Posted September 17, 2016

Get Your Flu Vaccine

We have flu shots in stock. No need for an appointment--you can just walk-in to one of our locations during normal business hours: Continue reading...

Posted August 24, 2016

Zika Virus: What You Need to Know

Check out the latest information from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention: Continue reading...

Posted June 17, 2016

National College Health Assessment Data

We conduct the National College Health Assessment every spring to determine the health needs of students. The 2016 data is back! Click here to read the summary report. Continue reading...

Posted June 10, 2016

Heat Safety

The temperatures are rising this week. Check out the CDC's website for tips on how to stay cool, stay hydrated, and stay informed. Continue reading...

Posted June 9, 2016

Nominate a Health Ninja

Health Ninjas are students who influence friends and peers to make healthy choices. They are trained and equipped with interesting health knowledge that may be used in everyday conversations. Continue reading...

Posted March 18, 2016

Need to Get Off the Couch?

Check out Student Health & Wellness' fitness videos, for ideas on exercises you can do from the convenience of your own home. Click here to watch. Continue reading...

Posted April 19, 2013

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