Early Registration is happening now- are your immunization records turned in?

If you need to register and you have a hold because you have not turned your records in, send them to Student Health at rather than through Med+Proctor, which could take a few days.

Don't forget a Flu Vaccine

Experts warn that we are be in for a severe flu season, coupled with COVID-19. Annual flu vaccination is recommended by the CDC. Get your flu vaccine and get up to date with your COVID-19 booster now!


There has been a recent surge of fatal overdoses due to people using drugs they were unaware contained the powerful opioid Fentanyl. While these incidents have not occurred on our campus, we want to increase awareness of this risk.

Avoid the Risk of Rabies from Bats

Bats play key roles in our ecosystems around the world. That doesn't mean you want them in your home or apartment! Learn about ways to avoid bat exposure and what to do if you have concerns.

Good heath contributes to your success

Establishing good health habits and addressing health concerns is really important. We are all here to help you!

Reminder about safety and personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements while you're at Student Health

With recent changes and news about mask wearing and other safety measures, we are reinforcing our requirements at Student Health that apply to our patients, staff and visitors.

Support for members of the UI community affected by the war in Ukraine

The University of Iowa is closely following the developments in Ukraine, and is dedicated to providing services and support to faculty, staff, students, and their families affected by these events.

What to do if you test positive or are exposed to COVID-19

Call Student Health schedulers at 319-335-8394 or the Nurseline at 319-335-9704 with any questions or concerns. Email non-urgent questions to

COVID-19 Testing

Students should complete the MyChart Self-Checker to determine their risk level and appropriate next steps. 

Protection from COVID-19 Omicron Variant

With the Omicron Variant on a sharp rise in the US and on our campus, it is more important than ever to get your COVID-19 booster shot. We are seeing significant increases in COVID-19 positivity rates in our campus community.