If you are one of the hundreds of UI students who suffer from allergies and rely on allergy shots to stay happy and healthy, the Student Health Allergy Clinic can continue your immunotherapy away from home. We work closely with your local allergist to provide continuing care and monitor your progress with your allergy treatment.

Our trained registered nursing staff will administer your allergy shots (immunotherapy) under a physician’s supervision. Because we don’t have an Allergist on staff, all allergy testing, mixing of extracts, initial immunotherapy education and instructions, and the very first allergy shots you receive MUST be done by your local allergist or prescribing physician. In addition to giving your allergy shots, Student Health will store your allergy extract(s) in a temperature-monitored refrigerator, track your progress, and provide emergency care in case of a reaction to your allergy injections while keeping your local allergist/physician informed of your immunotherapy treatment.

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