Student Health Fee

Beginning Fall 2022, the student health fee will be pro-rated to all students similar to the other mandatory fees, including those below 5 credit hours. For more information about this, see the Registrar's website at: Tuition and Fees.

This fee supports many services:

  • Unlimited student office visits with a Student Health healthcare provider at no cost. An office visit is the provider's evaluation and management of your care.
  • Subsidizes the costs associated with other services
  • Public health initiatives on campus
  • Nurse Line (phone access to a registered nurse for health information and advice)
  • Student Wellness services across campus and visits made to Westlawn and the CRWC such as the following consultations:
    • Fitness
    • Nutrition
    • Tobacco cessation
    • Stress management
    • Sexual health


Office visits with a healthcare provider are waived if you have paid the health fee. Charges are assessed for the following services:

  • Lab tests
  • Allergy injections
  • Medical supplies
  • Preventive care including physicals and immunizations
  • Minor procedure/surgery (i.e. wart removal, stitches, etc.)
  • Minor gyn procedures (i.e. colposcopy, Nexplanon insertion, IUD insertion)
  • Substance abuse services


Student Health will submit charges to insurance. We cannot accept credit card or debit card payments. Charges from UIHC, QuickCare clinics, and any other non-SH clinic visit will be the student’s responsibility.