Traveling outside the United States? Every destination, even different areas of the same country, has unique health risks of which travelers need to be aware. Student Health is here to promote safe and healthy travel through education and provision of vaccines and medications. Start early! Plan a travel consultation 6-8 weeks prior to travel to ensure time for necessary vaccines and medications.

Your personalized visit includes:

  • Travel consult with medical professionals based on your itinerary
  • Advice on preventing illness specific to your destination
  • Education on safety, food, insect, and water precautions


Travelers are seen by appointment for enrolled UI students only. Please read/complete the Request for International Travel Consult Form. Fax/email/deliver the completed form and immunizations (if not current on ISIS) to Student Health by:

A travel nurse will review your medical information/immunizations/travel itinerary and schedule/email your appointment time based on your preference with attached travel information for review prior to your consultation. Allow at least two weeks before international travel for your consultation (four weeks if Japanese Encephalitis and/or Rabies pre-exposure immunizations necessary).  


There is a charge for the travel consultation, vaccines, and medications. Make sure to check with your insurance to determine coverage for international travel vaccines.

Yellow Fever Vaccine 

Some countries require you to have proof that you received Yellow Fever Vaccine prior to entering their country. Due to an international shortage, our Travel Clinic has a limited supply of this vaccine. Contact us for information--we encourage you to start your travel plans today!