If we had the privilege of assisting in your healthcare while you were a student, thank you for utilizing our services. Our staff wishes you good health and continued success. Go Hawks!

Need Health Records?

  • If you do not have chronic health problems, it may not be necessary for your new provider to have your records sent directly from Student Health.
  • Several options are available to share records, if needed:
    • MyChart – If you sign up for MyChart through the Student Health or UIHC websites, you may access your medical records, including immunizations and lab results, at any time. This is the easiest option for a patient.
    • Care Everywhere – Student Health utilizes an electronic health record called EPIC. With your permission, your new provider may be able to access your records directly, avoiding the need for a printed copy of your records.
      • You may complete and sign a Consent to Release Information form to request that a copy of your Student Health records be sent to your new provider. Click here for the form and instructions on how to complete it.
      • You may complete and sign a consent form at your new provider’s office to request a copy of your Student Health records.

Donating Through the UI Center for Advancement

The UI Center for Advancement is the preferred channel for private contributions to all areas of the university. Staff members work with alumni and friends to generate funds for scholarships, professorships, facilities improvements, equipment purchases, research, and other UI initiatives. Thanks to private support, we have been able to advance medical technology, renovate our facilities, and expand patient programs. With your help, we could do even more to help students at the University of Iowa. Go to the link below and search for the Student Health Development Fund to donate today!

Donate to University of Iowa Student Health