Stay updated

COVID-19 testing protocols and availability are subject to change based on guidance from UI Health Care (UIHC) and the fluid nature of the presence of the virus in our community.

This page will be updated as we receive new information, but we encourage students to contact our Student Health Nurseline with any questions or concerns: 319-335-9704.

For more information, please visit the university's COVID-19 website.

COVID-19 Testing

Students can initiate testing in several ways: 

  • Use the MyChart Self-Checker to determine risk level and get a test scheduled with UI Healthcare.  Please be aware, there will be charges to your insurance. 
  • Use a rapid antigen test.  BE SURE TO CHECK EXPIRATION DATES ON YOUR TEST(S).  Some dates have been extended by the manufacturer, so check for your brand of test in the table in the link for the new expiration date. Using expired tests can give you inaccurate results.   
  • Use a free Test Iowa kit. These are available to pick up at IMU Nurse Care (G-103 IMU; when open), Westlawn Student Health clinic, through the Test Iowa site, or at other local sites. 
  • You can always call Nurseline at Student Health 319-335-9704 and we can help you with options and decision-making.  
  • If you want to talk with a provider about your symptoms or other concerns, call our schedulers at 319-335-8394. 

If you have an exposure or test positive for COVID-19, follow these CDC guidelines or refer to the UI Health Care guide for exposures and positive tests. 

For those exposed, the CDC no longer recommends quarantine. Instead, they recommend wearing a high-quality mask for 10 days and getting tested on day 5.  Request a free COVID-19 test for pickup or mail delivery through Test Iowa, or use an over-the-counter antigen test. 

Students who test positive:
  • Contact your instructors as soon as possible regarding your absence.  You can find additional information on the Registrar's Absence from Class page.  If you are a student employee at UI Healthcare/UIHC, you should also contact the University Employee Health Clinic (UEHC) at 319-356-3631. We ask that you to upload positive results from Test Iowa and/or home antigen tests into your MyChart so we can update your medical record. Your name and birthdate should be included on the test results. 

If you need a test for travel, home visits, events, or clinical rotations at care facilities you can complete the MyChart Self-Checker to get scheduled for a test at UI Healthcare (charged to your insurance), call us at Student Health, or use a home test.  

Students who need testing for international travel should review all travel guidelines carefully. Call our Nurseline (319-335-9704) with questions. 

COVID-19 Vaccination

The University of Iowa strongly encourages students, faculty, and staff to receive all the COVID-19 vaccines that you qualify for, including appropriate booster doses. Vaccination will help protect you from getting COVID-19 and is a safer way to build protection than through natural immunity. Please refer to local clinics and pharmacies to get your vaccine.

For more information, please visit the university's COVID-19 website.