Health Fee/Costs

The cost of the health fee is $118.50 for the spring 2017 semester. Students enrolled for more than 4 semester hours are automatically assessed this fee with their tuition. For more information about this, see the Registrar's website at: Tuition and Fees.  This fee supports many services:

  • Unlimited student office visits with a healthcare provider at no cost. An office visit is the provider's evaluation and management of your care.
  • Subsidizes the costs associated with other services
  • Public health initiatives on campus
  • NurseLine (phone access to a registered nurse for health information and advice)
  • Health education and promotion across campus and visits made to Westlawn and the CRWC for health promotion services such as the following consultations:
    • Fitness
    • Nutrition
    • Tobacco cessation
    • Stress management
    • Sexual health

How can you take advantage of the Health Fee?

Visit our Forms page where you can download a form to pay the health fee. Students who do not pay the health fee are charged for each office visit, in addition to any lab tests, supplies, immunizations, etc.

For your convenience, we can charge your U-Bill once we receive the form. To see our address, fax or email: HERE.


Office visits with a healthcare provider are waived if you have paid the health fee. Charges are assessed for the following services:

  • Lab tests
  • Allergy injections
  • Medical supplies
  • Preventive care including physicals and immunizations
  • Minor procedure/surgery (i.e. wart removal, stitches, etc.)
  • Minor gyn procedures (i.e. colposcopy, Nexplanon insertion, IUD insertion)
  • Substance abuse services


  • Student Health & Wellness will submit charges to insurance
  • U-Bill
  • Cash/Check
  • We cannot accept credit card or debit card payments
  • Charges from University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, QuickCare clinics, and any other non-SHW clinic will be the student's responsibility

Click HERE for insurance information. Click HERE for billing contact information.