Thursday, September 10, 2020

The CDC strongly recommends getting vaccinated against the flu (influenza) this year.  

Student Health has the quadrivalent flu shot available.  The charge is $59, which is generally covered by insurance (the UI plans do cover the charge- check with your plan).  The charge can also go on your U-bill.  

Call us at 319-335-8394 to schedule an appointment- we are not accepting walk-ins for flu shots.  

Flu vaccines take about 2 weeks for full immunity to develop, so we encourage you to get vaccinated as soon as you can this fall, before flu starts circulating in our community.  The timing is perfect to get it now, before the Thanksgiving break and potential travel. The first cases of flu usually occur in the winter months, but it can be earlier.  This year we just don't know how influenza will present itself during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Worried about the flu and COVID-19?  Read this CDC review of differences between the two illnesses.