Your on-campus doctors 

Student Health provides primary medical care for registered University of Iowa students--the same care you would receive from a healthcare provider in your hometown. We have physicians who are board certified in family medicine, physician assistants, and psychiatrists so that we can provide primary care for almost any health concern that may arise. Call 319-335-8394 to schedule an appointment with one of our providers!

Allergy treatment - immunotherapy (shots)

If you are one of the hundreds of UI students who suffer from allergies and rely on allergy shots to stay happy and healthy, the Student Health Allergy Clinic can continue your immunotherapy away from home. We work closely with your local allergist to provide continuing care and monitor your progress with your allergy treatment. More...

Blood and body fluid exposure

Read about what to do if you have a blood or body fluid exposure. There are important actions you need to take.  



Student Health provides confidential gynecological services. This includes pelvic exams, Pap smears, contraceptive information, prescription contraception, pregnancy testing, FREE condoms and dental dams, and emergency contraception. IUD/Nexplanon implantation is also available at Student Health. Counseling and education are provided to meet the total health needs of women students at The University of Iowa.

Want some help deciding what birth control may be right for you, before making an appointment? Click here to help you decide what form meets your unique needs!

IMU Nurse Care

The Student Health IMU Nurse Care office is located in the lower level of the IMU (room G103). The unit is staffed by Registered Nurses and functions as a resource area for students. Services offered include vaccinations, assistance filling out forms, help with scheduling an appointment at the main clinic, and providing information and answers to students who have questions or need guidance on health issues. IMU Nurse Care has primary responsibility for new student orientation, screening of incoming international students, managing health science student requirements, and for coordination and management of any infectious disease outbreaks or issues on campus. 


All students entering the University are required to show proof of two MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccinations. Most individuals have had to meet this requirement for primary school, so the easiest way to locate your records is to check with your family physician's office, school system, or childhood records your parents may have. More...

International travel

Traveling outside the United States? Every destination, even different areas of the same country, has unique health risks of which travelers need to be aware. The Student Health International Travel Clinic is here to promote safe and healthy travel through education and provision of vaccines and medications. More...

Lab procedures

Routine laboratory procedures are performed in the Student Health laboratory. Some specimens are sent to The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and the University Hygienic Laboratory. Any charges incurred for these procedures are the responsibility of the patient. Lab tests, vaccinations, and physicals are a few examples of procedures not covered by the health fee, but can be submitted to insurance or your U-bill. 

Nurse care room

Students can utilize the Nurse Care Room (NCR) to meet health-related registration requirements, and to receive follow-up testing after visits with our providers. The Nurse Care Room is directed and staffed by Registered Nurses. Activities that take place in the NCR include:

  • Health requirements review and vaccinations
  • Lab sample collections (blood draws, urine collection, etc.)
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Respirator mask fit-testing
  • Tuberculosis (TB) screening and assessments
  • Counseling and treatment of latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI)

Nurseline: contact nurses and get advice by phone

Nurseline can help you with whether to make an appointment, how to take self-care measures, prescription or medication questions and much more. Call 319-335-9704, leave a message, and a nurse will return your call. More...


Student Health provides mental health care under the direction of staff psychiatrists. Visits to the psychiatrist are free if the student has paid the health fee. A liaison exists with both The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics Psychiatry Service and the University Counseling Service. More...

Self-Care Guide

If you'd like to learn more about certain health conditions, our Self-Care Guide is a good place to start. Remember, nothing is a substitute for seeing a doctor, so make an appointment for the best care. More...

Sexual health services

Student Health provides diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up examinations of all sexually transmitted diseases. More...