How to submit required student immunizations 

  • Go through MyUI to Create a Med+Proctor account and follow the instructions to upload your records.
  • Once you submit to Med+Proctor, it can take 1-3 days for full approval and/or removing registration holds, depending on the day of the week. 
  • Using Med+Proctor is free; you do NOT have to pay any fee to upload your immunizations- it is your choice if you want to create a permanent storage file in Med+Proctor. 
  • There should be no need to pay for an expedited review of your records in the Med+Proctor system if you do this submission well in advance of your assigned early registration time. If you wait too long, the expedited review will not benefit you.   
  • If you have an official, valid religious or medical exemption form (must be current, not from childhood, signed by the student if over age 18), do not submit this through Med+Proctor, as they will not process it.  Email your official form (see below) to

If you have questions, email us at or call us at IMU Nurse Care, 319-335-1395 and we will respond during business days.   

Forms you may need

Immunization exemptions

Submit ONLY if you are requesting an exemption to the UI immunization requirement because of a medical condition or religious belief.  Students age 18 and over must complete and sign their own religious exemption form, including having it notarized. 

Other situations and circumstances

  • Athletic Training students (although in a health science program) do NOT need to send completed health science forms to Student Health at the email address listed above. You will send your forms in to your program coordinator. Student Health does need your MMR records if you did not previously attend the UI- those can be sent to
  • All professional students starting a health science program (medical/PA, nursing, dental, EMT, speech pathology, physical therapy, radiation science, pharmacy) should not use Med+Proctor, but instead submit all records to
  • If you received care in Iowa and can't locate an immunization record, you can request any available records from the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) using this record request form. Follow the submission instructions on the form.  Once you get the record from IDPH, you can upload this record form to Med+Proctor (as above).  This could be a way to get your COVID vaccine dates if you can't find your card.  

Health Science students

  • Requirements for Health Science Students- These requirements are NOT for incoming first year (freshmen) students who want to eventually pursue a health science profession. They are needed before starting the first semester of Medical school, Nursing, Dental, Physical Therapy, Pharmacy, Physician Assistant, Radiation Science, EMT, Athletic Training and Speech Pathology programs.  They are not required for students in "pre-" or "interest" programs.  You will have time to complete once you are officially accepted into those programs! 
  • OPTIONAL: Health Science Student Requirements Form Use of the form is optional (unless your program has directed you to use it) but you might find it very helpful to make sure you complete all the requirements- use it as a checklist/worksheet if not your records submission form.  Other documentation such as official immunization records and or/medical records will be accepted.  Titers and other lab tests require a copy of the lab results report to be sent.  
  • Two-Step TST Protocol  (we need placement AND reading dates for your TST, in order to be accepted as valid.  If you are retrieving from UIHC ReadySet, make sure you submit both the Application record and the Reading record!)
  • TST Reading Policy
  • Hepatitis B Titer Protocol
  • Health Screen Form (REQUIRED; included in the requirements form above; submit separately if not using the form)
  • History of Positive TB Screening Results Form (only for those with history of positive TB screening result, if not completed at Student Health.  If you have a positive TB test history, please also send us records of your positive test- including a copy of your chest xray result/reading, and any treatment done for latent or active TB)
  • Certain UI health science programs and rotation sites require an annual flu shot, and although the UI does not require COVID-19 vaccinations at this time, check with your program coordinator/ shadowing/rotation sites for any requirements they may have in place. 

Minor students (under 18 years)

Health fee & insurance

Allergy patient information

ADHD patient information

Spring 2023 classes

If you have an immediate need to register for spring classes and have a hold because you have not turned in your immunization records, DO NOT USE MED+PROCTOR. Please send records to us at and we will expedite processing as much as possible.

Incoming student records

Most students will need to submit Immunization Records to Student Health, even if your program has you submit records to them. Records should be in English or translated to English. Read this information that explains more about requirements based on your program enrollment. The University of Iowa Student Health partners with Med+Proctor to capture MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) immunization records for most students.  All students (freshmen, transfer, graduate, international) are required to submit records of (2) MMRs before or during their first semester. Additionally, International students must have a Tuberculosis (TB) screening with the Interferon Gamma Release Assay (IGRA) blood test done in the US.  This can be scheduled after arrival on campus- you will hear more about this during orientation.